5 Reasons You Need Synthetic Turf

Written by Modern Grounds
July 26, 2021

Did you know the top reason people move to Florida is for the weather?

You’re probably not surprised, but that means you want to enjoy your outdoor space, right? You’ve also probably noticed the sub-tropical climate can make it nearly impossible to maintain the lush, green landscape of your dreams.

We’re here to tell you four reasons you need synthetic turf to be able to enjoy the Sunshine State year-round!

Synthetic Turf is a Cost-Effective Investment

The number one motivator for people is money. You want to raise your home value but not break the bank, are we right?

While synthetic turf can be costly up front, you’ll be impressed by how much you save in the long run. There’s no need for a weekly landscaping service with synthetic turf; there are no costly sprinkler systems. Synthetic turf can lower water bills and help raise the value of your home.

Your synthetic lawn will save so much money, time and trouble, it practically pays for itself!

Low-Maintenance Solution

Remember we said, “no lawn care services are needed?” Yep — that means no more lawnmowers or fertilizers, and virtually no upkeep, once your new lawn is installed.

No matter the season, your lawn will look great … without much effort from you!

Luxury Appearance

Who doesn’t want to take their home design to the next level?

Your lawn will look perfect without worrying about unsightly brown spots, pesky weeds or messy clippings. You’ll be the neighbor on the street that everyone stops and envies.

There’s more to synthetic turf than just the grass you walk on. From hardscaping to ivy walls, we’ll show you how to utilize synthetic turf in so many ways to make your home stand out.

Environmentally Friendly

Did you know the synthetic turf industry has helped recycle 105 million used tires and is one of the leading ways to preserve water?

Our synthetic grass, Modern Eco, is 100% recyclable! We strive to provide sustainable solutions for your lawn needs.

We can’t forget the amount of water you’ll be conserving without sprinklers, especially during a hot Florida summer. You’ll also be helping reduce carbon emissions since lawnmowers, trimmers, and other tools that run on fuel aren’t needed.

Safe Solution for Everyone

Do your kids and pets play all day in your yard? Lucky for you, our Modern Eco synthetic turf is durable, and will withstand far more wear and tear than natural grass.

Did we mention you don’t need to treat the lawn with harmful chemicals, like you would with traditional grass?

Your children and furry friends are kept safe, and you won’t need time-consuming fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides ever again! You can feel confident when those whom you love most spend their time in your yard.

Well, What Do You Think?

Synthetic grass is the future of landscaping, but it doesn’t mean it is a one-size-fits-all solution. Each project is entirely custom in design and execution, so no two Modern Grounds creations will ever look the same.

Have you been dreaming of a beautiful green lawn without the hassle? Now is your chance. Contact us so we can help you utilize synthetic tur