Health Benefits of Artificial Grass for Dogs in Tampa for Yards

Artificial Grass for Dogs in Tampa: Health Benefits for Yards
Written by Modern Grounds
July 29, 2022

Your dogs need a safe and healthy environment to play in and it’s up to you to provide one for them. Natural grass is great, but it hides a lot of health hazards. When dogs play on it, they basically interact with a surface that has all sorts of bacteria, chemicals, critters and their own waste living in or on top of it. Artificial grass for dogs in Tampa doesn’t have these risks.

Better yet, pet-friendly synthetic turf helps keep your dogs happy and healthy in several ways!

Keeps Dogs Clean

Dogs love to run around outside and play. Unfortunately, that also means that they come back inside with dirty paws and a full coat of grass stains.

Artificial grass avoids these issues because it covers the ground completely and its fibers don’t stain and stick to fur. This helps keep even the most boisterous dogs clean when they’re playing outside.


Natural grass and soil contain allergens that can irritate your dog’s eyes, skin, ears and nose. Dogs that inhale allergens in the air can develop respiratory conditions like asthma, which will require lifelong treatment.

Artificial grass for dogs in Tampa has no pollen or molds and is completely hypoallergenic. You can also hose it down any time you want to get rid of any allergens that found their way to its surface.


Dogs spend a lot of time on the ground. They roll around, they sniff things, they taste things and they lick their feet clean. All of this means that they are at risk of picking up nasty parasites from the ground.

Artificial grass doesn’t just look like real grass, but is made from realistic looking grass fibers that have been woven together and treated with an antibacterial coating. This means that your dogs won’t pick anything up as easily as they would with real grass.

Absorbs Impact

Tampa artificial turf has shock-absorbing properties. That means that if your dog falls down or jumps from something high, the landing will be much softer than it will be on hard natural grass. This also reduces the risk of serious injuries when your canines play rough on your synthetic lawn.

Easy to Clean

Artificial grass is also perfect for your pet’s potty area. It is permeable, which means liquid drains through it quickly. You won’t have to deal with puddles of pet urine on your lawn. Likewise, if it rains, you can be sure that there won’t be any stagnant water on your turf.

It is also ideal for pet waste cleanup. Once you’ve picked up and discarded your dog’s solid waste, you can wash and hose down the area without worries of drowning the turf.

Prioritize Your Pet’s Health With Artificial Grass From Modern Grounds in Tampa

Artificial grass offers a ton of benefits that will help keep your pooches safer, healthier and happier in the long run.

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote on our pet-friendly artificial turf, please reach out to us here at Modern Grounds! You can give us a call or contact us online and we will get back to you as soon as possible.