Modern Grounds celebrates one year in business

Why Synthetic
Written by Modern Grounds
September 17, 2021

Did you know that landscaping for recreation is the fastest-growing sector of the synthetic turf industry? And to think — we’re just getting started!

We are celebrating one year of taking the guesswork out of Tampa Bay’s landscaping with synthetic grass. As we celebrate our first successful year as a husband-and-wife team and South Tampa business owners, we’re extremely get excited about what’s to come. Today, we’d like to take you on the brief journey of how we got here.

Keep reading to hear the whole story of what makes us — Modern Grounds.

Our Founder

Our founder, Tommy Cassidy, is a Florida native but has lived in various climates across the country. From the Mid-Atlantic’s chilly winters to New Mexico’s dry air to Florida’s sub-tropical summers, he’s seen a nationwide need for revolutionary landscaping that can keep up with local conditions.

Tommy came from a world of recruiting architects, engineers and construction professionals and knows precisely what it takes to build something beautiful. He began to dream of starting his own business. In March of 2020, just as the whole world was about to hit a screeching stop, Tommy welcomed his first baby girl. The recruiting business he was working in had become less fulfilling, so it was clearly time to apply his energies toward something new.

As a frequent DIY and construction junkie, he had already been brainstorming new business ideas, and was considering buying a construction services business. As it turned out, learning about the synthetic turf industry was the final catalyst for change — and this is where Modern Grounds’ story truly begins.

Over the summer, Tommy began digging into what is needed to start a synthetic turf installation company. He started contacting suppliers and hired a branding company to help find a name and build a brand. Meanwhile, he was putting feelers out to potential clients.

On August 12, 2020, Tommy launched Modern Grounds, and this family-owned business took on its first synthetic turf job and hasn’t looked back since.

“I’m excited to dive into this growing market and having the opportunity to take something old and make it new. I enjoy working with people to bring their vision to reality, and I believe that synthetics are environmentally friendly and don’t hurt our coastal waterways with all the fertilizer and pesticide runoff you have to put in grass.” – Founder, Tommy Cassidy

Our Turf

As a husband and father, Tommy knows that it’s essential for your yard not only to look great but to be safe and functional for your family’s daily life.

While installing other companies’ synthetic turf, Tommy felt a growing desire for Modern Grounds to have a proprietary product of their own. He began searching for an artificial grass supplier that would live up to the high standards he set for Modern Grounds projects.

While searching for a turf worthy of the Modern Grounds name, Tommy found a fantastic supplier out of Italy. This partner designed and manufactured a comprehensive line of synthetic turf products exclusively for us, which we have branded as Modern Eco. We received our first container of Modern Eco turf in November of 2020 and proudly stand by it today.

Our Team

Undertaking high-quality installation and maintenance techniques and ensuring the critical environmental impact of Modern Grounds wasn’t possible without first building a trustworthy team.

Our Modern Grounds team is comprised of only the best, most committed people. Each team member takes pride in providing professional-quality work to transform your space into the lush lawn of your dreams. So far, Tommy has assembled a five-person crew and a dedicated project coordinator.

This team — and the high technical, ethical and customer service standards behind it — is the driving force behind our growth, and the reason for our already-positive name in the market. Seeing our successes thus far, we plan to build out another crew by the beginning of 2022.

So, what’s next?

Modern Grounds is committed to making the entire state of Florida look like a green oasis and are proud South Tampa business owners. We want everyone to have access to a beautiful, low-maintenance, family and pet-safe lawn or outdoor space — where they can make memories for years to come.

Have you been dreaming of a beautiful green lawn without the hassle? Let us tackle your lawn next! Every project is completely custom for your space, situation and needs, so let’s talk.

Now is your chance to get started. Contact us so we can help you realize the lasting benefits of synthetic turf — and make this next year the best one yet!