tommy cassidy

Meet The Owner

Tommy Cassidy is a Florida native but has lived in climates across the country. From the Mid-Atlantic’s chilly winters to New Mexico’s dry air to Florida’s sub-tropical summers, he’s seen the need for synthetic grass in a multitude of areas. Coming from the world of Recruiting for Architects, Engineers, and Construction professionals, Tommy is no stranger to the hard work it takes to build something beautiful. As a husband and father, he knows that it’s important for your yard to not only look great but to be safe and functional for your family’s daily life.

“I’m excited to dive into this growing market and have the opportunity to take something old and make it new. I enjoy working with people to bring their vision to reality, and I believe that synthetics are environmentally friendly and don’t hurt our coastal waterways with all the fertilizer and pesticide runoff you must use to maintain natural grass.”

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