Some of the world's top courses are here in sunny Florida, and our warm weather makes it possible to play year-round. Unless you're a professional player, though, it can be tough to find time to hit the links as often as you'd like.

That's where Modern Grounds comes in. With the superior quality of our artificial grass — and the artistic craftsmanship of our design and installation teams, we can help you create a backyard putting green in Tampa that looks, feels and performs like the real thing!

Customized for Every Golfer

No two golfers are the same. That's why every backyard putting green we design and install is customized to the last detail, factoring in your playing style, space, and lifestyle.

For instance: do you want a regulation-size green, or something a little smaller? How about some undulating terrain to add challenge — or a sand trap to practice those bunker shots?

Maybe you just want a fun, photogenic addition to your patio for entertaining guests. Whatever you have in mind, trust the talented designers and installers at Modern Grounds in Tampa, FL to make it happen. We’d be happy to talk over your ideas and give you an estimate.

Putting Greens that Simulate Real-Life Golf Conditions

Our realistic golf greens encourage you to work on every aspect of your game Every stroke will translate perfectly to the course, whether you're practicing for an upcoming tournament or just trying to beat your buddies on the weekend.

putting green

As for the features, you decide! Here are a few ideas:


Just like on a real green, fringes can be added around the perimeter of your putting surface to help with those challenging chip shots.


Nothing says "golf" like a sandy bunker. Our team can install bunkers of any size and shape, so you can practice those all-important escape shots as often as you need.

Water Hazards

Want to add a little excitement (and realism) to your backyard putting green? Why not install a water hazard? Our team can create anything from a simple pond to an elaborate waterfall feature that complements the rest of your landscape.

Multiple Holes

One hole not enough? No problem! We can install as many holes as you want, so you can invite friends over for a friendly game or two.

Speed Regulation

We can also adjust the speed of your artificial turf, so you can make it as fast or slow as you like. This is a great way to change things up and keep your putting game fresh.

Personalized Touches

From custom flags to colored turf, we can add all sorts of personal touches to your backyard putting green.

These are just a few examples. The sky's the limit when you're working with artificial grass!

More Benefits of Artificial Putting Greens

Aside from offering superior performance in Florida weather and soil conditions, Modern Grounds’ artificial grass putting greens have other awesome benefits, including:

Low Maintenance Required

Once your backyard putting green is installed, there's very little maintenance required. You'll never have to worry about watering, mowing or fertilizing ever again.

Lush Green Appearance

Our synthetic turf is designed to look and feel just like the real thing, so your backyard putting green will always look (and play) its best.

Long-Lasting Durability

Enjoy years of trouble-free use with an artificial putting green from Modern Grounds. Our turf is designed to withstand heavy traffic and all kinds of weather conditions, so you can rest assured it will stand the test of time.

Let’s Bring Your Dream Lawn to Life!

Ready to revitalize your space? Maximize your outdoor living? Achieve the ultimate in photogenic landscaping greatness with durable green turf that never fades?

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