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As pet lovers ourselves, we understand that dogs are family. That means giving them the best of everything, including a safe and comfortable place to run, play and relax.

Pet-Friendly Benefits of Artificial Grass in Tampa, FL

For many pet owners, this sadly means giving up on ever having a beautiful yard. Natural canine behaviors such as digging, scratching, chewing, going potty and even playing can be destructive to real grass.

Artificial grass for dogs in Tampa offers a better option for pets and their families throughout Florida.

Regardless of your dog's breed, size or personality, synthetic turf offers many advantages over natural grass, including:

A Safer Place to Run and Play

Florida’s natural grass is full of hidden dangers that can harm your dog — from sharp sticks and stones to bloodthirsty bugs and poisonous plants. Some dogs are also allergic to grass pollen. All it takes is one good roll in the wrong spot, and your dog could be covered in itchy welts or worse.

The synthetic turf we use in our Tampa Bay area installations is designed to be as safe as possible for pets. It's manufactured from non-toxic materials and is free of harmful chemicals, pollen and other allergens.

Flea and Tick Control

Another big advantage of artificial grass is that it's virtually flea and tick-free. These pests love to hide in long grass, waiting to jump on an unsuspecting dog or human. Not only are fleas and ticks a nuisance, but they can also transmit dangerous diseases to your pet.

The good news is synthetic turf is completely inhospitable to pests, including fleas and ticks, which significantly reduces the risk of infestation.

No More Dirt and Mud

Dogs love to play, and they don't care if they get dirty in the process. In fact, the dirtier the better! If you have a natural lawn, chances are you're constantly cleaning up mud, dirt and grass stains all over your floors and carpet. Synthetic grass solves these issues for good — virtually overnight.

With our expert installation, it doesn’t matter how hard it rains or how much your dog plays outside. You’ll never have to deal with mud puddles or exposed dirt patches again.

Easier Post-Potty Cleanup

Unlike real grass, synthetic turf is 100% immune to the effects of dog poop and urine. As a result, it’ll never develop brown or yellow patches due to your pet doing their business.

As for cleanup, it’s easier than ever. After your dog goes potty, pick up the solids as usual. Then, give the spot a good rinse, and let the drainage system take care of pee and any residue. THAT’S easy and carefree!

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